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Malaga airport car park

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See our rates for indoor and outdoor parking.

Malaga airport short stay car park

Short stay parking Malaga

Short stay parking at Malaga airport if you have to go to another city or country for work or holidays.

Malaga airport long stay car park

Long stay car park Malaga

Long stay parking at Malaga airport ideal for those who are only on the Costa del Sol on holiday.

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Malaga Airport
Avenida Comandante Garcia Morato 58
29004 Malaga
Automobile Tourism Abroad 1000 espacios
There is no better feeling than going on a long trip, knowing that the car is in excellent hands so you no longer have to worry about its safety, mechanical maintenance on your return or someone using it without your consent. We offer the best parking service so that you can go to the airport in your car and come back from your trip in the same way.
Telefono: 664 61 04 43
Monday: Abierta las 24 horas
Tuesday: Abierta las 24 horas
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Malaga Airport Parking

Your Trusted Car Park

At Parking San Julián we are committed to providing our customers with the best service at the best price, the best security and additional services we can offer at fair prices. Malaga airport car parkat your service.

Washing and maintenance

Never neglect your vehicle and let us take care of the technical inspections and aesthetics.

We ensure that you will find your vehicle in optimal condition to return home without any worries.

Guaranteed security

We insure your car with 24-hour surveillance, so that you never have to worry about the condition of your vehicle again and can enjoy your journey with peace of mind.

Transport to the airport

You do not need to hire a taxi to take you to the airport, we offer you transport to the airport entrance to make your journey easier.

Malaga Airport Parking

About our services

There is no better feeling than going on a long journey, knowing that your car is in excellent hands so you no longer have to worry about its safety.

We perform mechanical maintenance upon return or use without consent.

This is why in Parking San JulianWe offer the best parking service for you to go to the airport in your car.

Return from your trip in the same car in perfect condition, and pay fair rates for the services you want.


+34 664 610 443

Services included and additional services

Security and airport transfers are the standard or basic services.

Security is provided by 24-hour surveillance, surveillance camera circuit and we have an insurance policy (see what is covered by our insurance).

Regarding transport, we provide a mini bus to take you from the car park to the airport, which is only 5 minutes away from the airport.

External washing

The paintwork and appearance of a car is very important, the contract can specify how many times per month this service should be carried out.

Complete wash

In case you have forgotten to clean the inside of your car and plan to return with visitors, no problem. We will clean your car and leave it sparkling clean.

Mechanical and vehicle maintenance

The biggest problem with having a car sitting idle for a long time is that it can fail mechanically, and can cause a lot of headaches. However, we can take care of all the necessary mechanical maintenance so that you don't have to worry when you return.

MOT check

It is important to know the current condition of a vehicle in order to comply with road traffic laws. If you would like to know what the condition of your car is, we can carry out MOT checks and tests and keep you informed at all times.

Malaga airport car park

Leaving your car or caravan at Malaga airport is not only for convenience but also for safety.

We are a long stay car park near Malaga airport which means that on your return it will be just as you left it or better if you decide to hire some of our car wash or bodywork and paint services.

Say goodbye to driving to the airport and waiting in those long queues. Avoid those hidden parking fees when travelling in Europe. At Malaga Airport Parking we are the only organisation that offers direct and preferential parking services with shuttle service to and from the airport. Book online now for our daily rates.


Long stay car park Malaga

This service is designed for both cars and caravans, but is more popular for caravans, so that from year to year your holiday caravan will be safe and secure.

Malaga Airport Parking

All services, Basic and Premium

San Julián Car Park belongs to a group of companies which includes a body shop, a car repair shop and a car rental service. In this way we can offer a more complete and global service than our competitor.

The supervision of your vehicle, including its maintenance or any necessary mechanical, electrical or bodywork repairs, what else can we offer you?.

Malaga Airport Parking

Your Trusted Malaga Airport Parking

If you are looking for a good parking at a low price on the Costa del Sol, Parking San Julian is undoubtedly a reference, with many parking spaces in both indoor and outdoor areas just a few minutes from the terminal with frequent trips from our car park to the airport (see route) is the best option, when you arrive you will feel a friendly and professional treatment, our staff is here to help you and if you have any questions we are here to answer them.

Our facilities have 24 hour security, alarm and video surveillance, we are no different to other car parks, our service is characterised by the maxim of always having our customers satisfied. On this website you will find all the necessary information about our additional services, some of which are free, all of which are listed in the services section.

Juan Sebastián Alcón Arjona
Juan Sebastián Alcón Arjona
I always leave the car there and I always leave happy.
Cristina Domenech Moreno
Cristina Domenech Moreno
It was the first time I left my car in the car park and the girl who attended me, Monica, was very attentive and answered all my questions. The treatment and the service were ideal!
Victor Mario Passalacqua Herrera
Victor Mario Passalacqua Herrera
I always take my cars there simply because they are super nice and polite, I had a problem with my phone and Monica helped me at all times with a very close and friendly treatment. Professionalism and service a 10 at a fair price. Thank you very much to all of you. Best regards.
ana isabel nieto calmaestra
ana isabel nieto calmaestra
Thank you very much for the good service always, you guys are great. Every time I travel my car to your car park, professional, economical, you clean my car when you give it to me and I am super friendly, a kiss guys.
OTM. fairs
OTM. fairs
Good treatment and better service, accompanied by a good price. They are very nice and polite. I always take my car there and I trust them a lot.
Andrew RL
Andrew RL
Very economical and affordable. Very well behaved and punctual. They deliver what they say they will.
Maria Jurado Macias
Maria Jurado Macias
Very professional company, excellent service
Francisco Manuel Marquez
Francisco Manuel Marquez
I put 5 stars because they are professionals like the top of a pine tree ... This company can not be more serious in their work, they are punctual in terms of collection and transportation to the airport, good service during the reception of the vehicle and the personal treatment cordial and attentive as it should be ... I do not ask for more and their prices are not expensive for what is the city of Malaga. No doubt I will come back to them if I have the chance...ah! and greetings to Mire!

Malaga Airport Parking

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+34 658 940 502
+34 664 610 443
Malaga airport car park

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Malaga Airport

Avenida Comandante García Morato 58, 29004
Malaga airport car park

Malaga Airport Parking

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